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Crystic® Gelcoat LS 97PA is a high performance isophthalic gelcoat. It is filled, pre-accelerated and formulated for spray application. 


Crystic® Gelcoat LS 97PA is recommended for use in marine (only use white gelcoat below the waterline), land transport and building applications. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.

Features and Benefits

Crystic LS 97PA has been developed to ensure excellent intrinsic weathering properties. The viscosity profile ensures even coverage with minimal drainage and low film porosity. Crystic LS 97PA typically contains 27% - 29% styrene when formulated as a pigmented gelcoat, helping to minimise styrene emissions in the workplace. The robust formulation ensures the gelcoat is suitable for use in a wide range of application conditions.


Crystic LS 97PA is approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping for construction of craft under their survey. The gelcoat base has also been tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 12215-1:2000.

 Product Characteristics

The product should be conditioned at workshop temperature (18°C - 25°C) and mixed before use. Crystic LS 97PA requires the addition of an 'initiator' to start the curing reaction. Use Scott Bader Butanox M50 (or other equivalent catalyst) and incorporate this into the gelcoat at 1-2% v/w. Unsaturated polyester products release heat when they cure in bulk. If manually adding catalyst to the product prior to spraying, do not prepare more material than is required to complete the job and spray within 3 minutes. Ensure that all equipment is thoroughly cleaned after use.


  • Gently stir the gelcoat before use, by hand or with a low shear mixer.
  • Ensure workshop temperature is between 18 and 25°C.
  • Spray at the minimum pressure to achieve an acceptable spray pattern.
  • Apply the gelcoat in thin even passes, building up the film thickness to 0.5- 0.6 mm wet.
  • Ensure adequate mould ventilation.


  • Exceed a wet film thickness exceeding 0.8 mm or drainage may occur.
  • Allow vapour to be retained in deep mould sections, this can slow cure.
  • Apply excessive gelcoat in corners. This can cause pre-release.

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