Abous us

Kompozits.lv company was established in 2013, but our interest in composite materials started much earlier, because we wanted to find quality materials, understand the processes of the industry and obtain advanced production methods.

Kompozits.lv was founded by rowing sports professionals, therefore we understand how important it is to receive well-thought-out solutions and we offer this to our customers – we present the wide and nuanced possibilities of composite materials in simple and understandable language, finding the most appropriate solution for each client’s needs.

We offer wholesale and retail of composite materials and work with industry leaders such as Scott Bader, Airtech, Sea-line, etc.

Long-term relationships with our customers are the company’s greatest asset, so feel free to contact our customer advisors for advice on our products and practical advice.

We offer:

  • Professional advice on hand laminating vacuum, vacuum infusion, etc. technologies
  • Special prices for large volumes
  • 3D model development
  • CNC shape milling
  • Creating shapes and details

Kompozits.lv is a subsidiary of Prestol Composites. Prestol Composites was created by water sports enthusiasts with more than 40 years of experience in the composites industry. Our story began with the ambition to create world-class racing canoes and kayaks. In this exciting and interesting way, we have accumulated extensive knowledge about the world of composite materials and their technologies.

By integrating our knowledge into everyday practice, we have been able to develop components for the automotive and aviation industries. We are also especially proud of the design and production of composite parts for international competitions in winter sports – bobsleigh, skeleton and luge.